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When is the best time to sell?

#1 When someone wants to buy!
If no one has approached you yet,
#2 When the house is ready to be shown.
#3 Before you have to!

#1  When someone wants to buy

If someone approaches you about buying your home, unless your feet have grown roots into the ground, take it seriously!  You’ll never have the advantage you do when someone is coming to you.  Seek out a professional to help guide you through the negotiation, reviewing current market conditions to get the best price you can.  A Realtor will guide you through your legal responsibilities and help get you moving.  Remember the more you make, the more your Realtor makes and we don’t get paid until you do.

#2 When the House is ready to be shown

You want to eliminate all negatives to make sure YOU get the offer instead of your competition, and, that you get the highest & best offer!  A professional home inspection will shed light on the little things that could cost big if the buyer pays for the home inspection.  A $50 fix today looks like $500 credit to a buyer.  Get the home inspection and fix everything you can, then share the results.  Buyers will gravitate towards your transparency, the feel good that they don’t have to be wary of what they can’t see.  Eliminate all the negatives.  Paint it, finish it, fix it, get rid of it before you list your house for sale.  The return will be worth the work.

#3  Before you have to

This is the exact opposite position of #1.  People “Have to” sell for a lot of reasons and it’s never the best position to be in.  Health, money, death & divorce are the most common reasons and it puts you at a disadvantage when selling.  If at all possible, plan ahead and sell when you want to, not when you have to.

Once you’re ready to get a handle on these top 3, call me.  We’ll discuss the best time of year for your house to be on the market.

Reach out to me anytime to discuss how to prepare to sell, what the status of the current market is or what we need to do to get started, 423-718-8452!

Thank you for checking in!  I love what I do & appreciate the opportunity to help you.  Leave feed back of what topic you’d like me to touch on next!

Posted on March 2, 2019 at 3:29 pm by Mindy Hall

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